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The urban umbrella brand Anatole was created so that your umbrella would always match your looks and your urban lifestyle.

Your umbrella is now a basic must-have.

One thing all our customers have in common is that they never neglect their style just because it is raining. In less than a year, Anatole has become a must-have for all our clients. They elegantly and proudly wear a new essential accessory. 

9 Resultater

ANATOLE - Burgundy Folding Compact Umbrella - Germain
ANATOLE - Two Tone Compact Umbrella - Alice - Beige & Black
ANATOLE - Royal Blue Folding Compact Umbrella - Marguerite
ANATOLE - Striped Compact Umbrella - Navy Stripes - Henri
ANATOLE - Green Folding Compact Umbrella - Gustave
ANATOLE - Yellow Oversize Gingham Compact Umbrella - Victoria
ANATOLE - Dark Chocolate Folding Compact Umbrella - Edwige