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Amoln Candles

Moln is the Swedish word for cloud. The mythological and natural wonders of clouds inspires the brand to create their signature monochromatic matte blue candles. Amoln candles are soulfully concocted, and handcrafted to emulate clouds—creating their heavenly silhouettes and shadows when lit.

Ethically sourced, all Amoln candles are handmade in Sweden with the finest natural materials and fragrances from France. All the ingredients are handpicked, and all the steps of creating these beautiful candles are hand made from start to finish. 

Amoln candle creates a formula of sustainable wax which consist of ecological vegetables, harvested locally from the Southern part of Sweden. All Amoln candles are hand-poured and heart-made in Sweden without cruelty to animals, human beings or our environment.


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