PIERRE GUILLAUME PARIS - Hesperi Dream Pillow Mist 50ml

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Mandarin, Sage, California poppy blossom

Pillow Mist – Refreshing perfume for sheets

Hesperidream is a “Pillow Mist”, a fragrance designed to perfume the bed, sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers, inspired by the principles of aromachology.

The aromachology is the science of the phenomena related to the odors, more particularly the influence of the smells on the behavior. Hesperidream is made from tangerine, orange blossom, sage extract, California yellow poppy blossom and vetiver, chosen for their soothing, hypnotic and refreshing smells.

How to use it: Spray a few minutes before bedtime.

Associated with the murmur of a relaxing music playlist of your choice, Hesperidream wrap your bed with a delicate cocoon of floral and gently woody freshness, predisposing the place to a sweet night filled with dreams in the gardens of the hesperides…