The TIJUANA Dangling earring is made out of Mexican glass beads and combined with 14 ct gold on top and on bottom of the earring. TIJUANA dangling is a festive earring, sparkling up your everyday with solid colored beads combined with the finest small handmade 14 ct gold dangling pieces.

Each earring is handmade and takes up to 4 hours to make.

Each piece of MAREgold carries a little story. The earrings are made in a corporation that ensures the native Mexican women fair wage and fair working conditions. Since the artisan women were kids, they have been beading. A heritage we want to preserve and by adding gold we want to give even more value to each piece.

Length of earring: 7 cm

Weight of a pair of TIJUANA’S: 3,2 gms

Prices are for a pair of earrings

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