Holistic Silk is a niche English brand with a global presence and has remained since its inception, a London and Cornwall based family run enterprise, driven by its original founder and creative heart Joanna Weakley. All Holistic Silk products are designed, tested, developed and refined in house by Joanna and her team.

Joanna created Holistic Silk as an antidote to the fast pace and pressure of modern life.  Having observed the negative effects that stress, overwork and air travel can have on our minds, bodies and sleep and finding a lack of beautiful supportive products available to combat this, Joanna discovered for herself how effective and transformative alternative health, Chinese medicine and good sleep can be.  These principles are rooted at the very core of Holistic Silk. 

“Ancient wisdom for modern life” 

Specialising in creating beautiful and therapeutic wellness, relaxation and beauty tools, Joanna harnesses the beauty benefits of silk, working at an artisan level to produce ergonomic, truly effective long-lasting products.  Holistic Silk combines  Joanna's extensive research, gained alongside health practitioners, her textile degree knowledge and design finesse, Holistic Silk’s exquisite, tactile, vibrant coloured designs please the eye, soothe the soul and provide a fuss free beauty treatment with every use.